Wilkinson-Willoughby Lecture:

annual lecture by a distinguished speaker

Each year, the EGS invites a scholar of international distinction to give the Wilkinson-Willoughby Lecture. Previous speakers are listed below.



“Incredible, that’s Literature!” Attempts at Re-moralizing Politics, Academic Disciplines, and the Profession with the Help of ‘Belles-Lettres

10 March 2022 - please REGISTER here.


Naivety and Irony: Goethe's Musical Needs

Elizabeth Mary Wilkinson (1909-2001) and Leonard Ashley Willoughby (1885-1977) were both Professors of German at University College, London. Although both made distinguished individual contributions to the field, it is for their joint scholarship that they are best known. Their study Goethe, Poet and Thinker (1962) is still widely consulted, as is their 1967 edition of Schiller’s Briefe über die ästhetische Erziehung des Menschen. The refinement of their insights and the clarity of their prose have ensured that they continue to be an essential point of reference for researchers and students alike.