Publications of the English Goethe Society, or PEGS, is our academic journal. It helps advance research on Goethe and the German Classical Age, but also more broadly on German literature and culture in the in the 18th and 19th centuries. It appears three times yearly with Taylor & Francis.

All members of the Society automatically receive a subscription to PEGS.


Authors of unsolicited submissions should note that the subject areas covered by PEGS are:

• Goethe’s life and works and their immediate context

• the literature and culture of 18th- and early 19th-century German-speaking lands

• responses to or reception of that literature and culture both outside and within Germany up to the present day.

We regret that submissions on unrelated subjects cannot be considered for publication.

Copy should be sent via the Taylor & Francis submissions portal HERE. Contact details for the editors of PEGS and information about the PEGS International Advisory Board can be found below.

Detailed guidance on submission of copy for publication is available in this downloadable Style Sheet (PDF).

Submissions will be subject to the usual process of peer review.


PEGS editors

International Advisory Board

Astrid Köhler

Charlotte Lee

Charlie Louth

If you have any questions about your submission, please contact any of the editors.

Jürgen Barkhoff (Trinity College Dublin)

Anil Bhatti (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

Elizabeth Boa (University of Nottingham)

Alan Corkhill (University of Queensland)

Steffan Davies (University of Bristol)

Henk de Berg (University of Sheffield)

Elisabeth Décultot (University of Halle)

Martin Kagel (University of Georgia)

Katrin Kohl (University of Oxford)

Todd Kontje (University of California, San Diego)

Nicholas Martin (University of Birmingham)

Angus Nicholls (Queen Mary University of London)

Claudia Nitschke (University of Durham)

Maurizio Pirro (University of Milan)

Daniel Purdy (Pennsylvania State University)

Sandra Richter (National Literary Archive Marbach)

Simon Richter (University of Pennsylvania)

Ritchie Robertson (University of Oxford)

Nicholas Saul (Durham University)

Peter J. Schwartz (Boston University)

Stefanie Stockhorst (University of Potsdam)

Astrida Orle Tantillo (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Andrew Webber (University of Cambridge)

Joachim Whaley (University of Cambridge)

W. Daniel Wilson (Royal Holloway University of London)


The editors are pleased to invite proposals for guest-edited volumes. Guest-edited volumes should

• offer a series of articles that relate to each other clearly, which means in most cases that the proposed volume will focus on an author, theme, specific debate, methodological approach or theoretical issue,

• be compatible with the topical focus of PEGS,

• not exceed the length normally allotted to one issue of PEGS,

• correspond to the PEGS style sheet (see above).

Proposals for guest-edited volumes should be sent by email to the editors, Astrid Köhler (, Charlotte Lee (, and Charlie Louth (

Proposals will be read and discussed by all three editors and, if deemed necessary, an outside expert in the field that constitutes the focus of the proposed volume. Decisions will be made within 2 months of the proposal being received. The guest editor or editors shall be responsible for assembling and editing the volume, which should be submitted to the PEGS editors in its final form. Acceptance of a proposal does not constitute acceptance of the finished volume, which will be subject to normal editorial review after submission.