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The EGS was founded in 1886. It is the oldest learned society in the UK dedicated to things German, and, after the ones in Vienna and Weimar, the third oldest Goethe society in the world.

The Society's chief aim is to promote the discussion and study of Goethe's works and ideas, through meetings, symposia, and publications. But its interests extend beyond Goethe to 18th- and early 19th-century German literature and culture in general, and the continuation of those traditions in modern German-speaking culture. Its journal, PEGS, accepts unsolicited articles in these fields, as well as publishing the papers read at the Society's meetings.

The EGS is a learned society in the broadest sense of the term, and its members come from all walks of life. New members, guests and visitors are always welcome at our meetings.


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Erklärung zum Ergebnis des britischen EU-Referendums am 23. Juni 2016:

Unnötig zu sagen, aber wir wollen es trotzdem betonen: dass nach und trotz der Entscheidung der britischen Bevölkerung, der EU den Rücken zu kehren, die English Goethe Society weiterhin im Geist Goethes weltoffen und kosmopolitisch denken, empfinden und handeln wird.

Im Namen der Gesellschaft

Prof. T. J. Reed, Präsident
mit dem Vorstand

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